AFI 100 Years 100 Movies

The table of AFI 100 years 100 movies

/1998 Rank
AFI's 100 YEARS...100
/2007 Rank
11941Citizen Kane--19411Citizen Kane
21942Casablanca1^19722The Godfather
31972The Godfather-1v19423Casablanca
41939Gone With The Wind20^19804Raging Bull
51962Lawrence Of Arabia5^19525Singin' In The Rain
61939The Wizard Of Oz-2v19396Gone With The Wind
71967The Graduate-2v19627Lawrence Of Arabia
81954On The Waterfront1^19938Schindler'S List
91993Schindler'S List52^19589Vertigo
101952Singin' In The Rain-4v193910The Wizard Of Oz
111946It'S A Wonderful Life65^193111City Lights
121950Sunset Blvd.84^195612The Searchers
131957The Bridge On The River Kwai2^197713Star Wars
141959Some Like It Hot4^196014Psycho
151977Star Wars7^1968152001: A Space Odyssey
161950All About Eve-4v195016Sunset Blvd.
171951The African Queen-10v196717The Graduate
181960Psycho(Go to 14)New192718The General
191974Chinatown-11v195419On The Waterfront
201975One Flew Over The Cuckoo'S Nest-9v194620It's A Wonderful Life
211940The Grapes Of Wrath-2v197421Chinatown
2219682001: A Space Odyssey-8v195922Some Like It Hot
231941The Maltese Falcon-2v194023The Grapes Of Wrath
241980Raging Bull1^198224E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
251982E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial9^196225To Kill A Mockingbird
261964Dr. Strangelove3^193926Mr. Smith Goes To Washington
271967Bonnie And Clyde6^195227High Noon
281979Apocalypse Now-12v195028All About Eve
291939Mr. Smith Goes To Washington9^194429Double Indemnity
301948The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre-2v197930Apocalypse Now
311977Annie Hall-8v194131The Maltese Falcon
321974The Godfather Part II--197432The Godfather Part II
331952High Noon-13v197533One Flew Over The Cuckoo'S Nest
341962To Kill A Mockingbird15^193734Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
351934It Happened One Night-4v197735Annie Hall
361969Midnight Cowboy-23v195736The Bridge On The River Kwai
371946The Best Years Of Our Lives--194637The Best Years Of Our Lives
381944Double Indemnity-8v194838The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre
391965Doctor Zhivago13/Outv196439Dr. Strangelove
401959North By Northwest15^196540The Sound Of Music
411961West Side Story2^193341King Kong
421954Rear Window15v196742Bonnie And Clyde
431933King Kong7v196943Midnight Cowboy
441915The Birth Of A Nation7/Out^194044The Philadelphia Story
451951A Streetcar Named Desire24^195345Shane
461971A Clockwork Orange-11v193446It Happened One Night
471976Taxi Driver-2v195147A Streetcar Named Desire
481975Jaws-6v195448Rear Window
491937Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs(Go to 34)New191649Intolerance
501969Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid(Go to 73)New200150The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring
511940The Philadelphia Story-10v196151West Side Story
521953From Here To Eternity-5/Outv197652Taxi Driver
531984Amadeus26/Out^197853The Deer Hunter
541930All Quiet On The Western Front2/Out^197054M*A*S*H
551965The Sound Of Music-15v195955North By Northwest
571949The Third Man21/Out^197657Rocky
581940Fantasia16/Out^192558The Gold Rush
591955Rebel Without A CauseOutNew197559Nashville
601981Raiders Of The Lost Ark25^193360Duck Soup
611958Vertigo(Go to 9)New194161Sullivan'S Travels
621982Tootsie15^197362American Graffiti
641977Close Encounters Of The Third Kind2/Out^197664Network
651991The Silence Of The Lambs48v195165The African Queen
661976Network6v198166Raiders Of The Lost Ark
671962The Manchurian CandidateOutNew196667Who'S Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?
681951An American In Paris30/Out^199268Unforgiven
701971The French Connection-27v197170A Clockwork Orange
711994Forrest Gump(Go to 76)New199871Saving Private Ryan
721959Ben-Hur(Go to 100)New199472The Shawshank Redemption
731939Wuthering Heights-23/Outv196973Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid
741925The Gold Rush-9v199174The Silence Of The Lambs
751990Dances With WolvesOutNew196775In The Heat Of The Night
761931City Lights-5v199476Forrest Gump
771973American Graffiti(Go to 62)New197677All The President'S Men
781976Rocky3^193678Modern Times
791978The Deer Hunter1^196979The Wild Bunch
801969The Wild Bunch13^196080The Apartment
811936Modern Times(Go to 78)New196081Spartacus
831986Platoon(Go to 86)New199783Titanic
841996FargoOut^196984Easy Rider
851933Duck Soup(Go to 60)New193585A Night At The Opera
861935Mutiny On The Bounty-3/Out^198686Platoon
871931FrankensteinOutNew19578712 Angry Men
881969Easy Rider9^193888Bringing Up Baby
891970PattonOutNew199989The Sixth Sense
901927The Jazz SingerOutNew193690Swing Time
911964My Fair LadyOutNew198291Sophie'S Choice
921951A Place In The Sun2/Out^199092Goodfellas
931960The Apartment-23v197193The French Connection
941990Goodfellas1^199494Pulp Fiction
951994Pulp Fiction(Go to 94)New197195The Last Picture Show
961956The Searchers(Go to 12)New198996Do The Right Thing
971938Bringing Up Baby(Go to 88)New198297Blade Runner
981992Unforgiven1^194298Yankee Doodle Dandy
991967Guess Who'S Coming To DinnerOutNew199599Toy Story
1001942Yankee Doodle Dandy-28v1959100Ben-Hur